Mountain Views, Green Meadows & Wildflowers

Stanley, Idaho is a hub of outdoor recreational opportunity. The town offers close access to countless activities that are fun for the whole family!  The typical weather in Summer are mildly warm days with cool, refreshing nights.

Rafting – whether you are looking for an exhilarating white-water trip or a mellow day trip, Stanley is at the center of some of the greatest river rafting territory in the world.  

Fishing – World class fishing is abundant in the Stanley Basin. Fishing can be done in the many area lakes or, most popularly, in the beautiful Salmon River, which flows through the heart of the area.

Town Street Dances – Everyone is welcome to dance the night away to live music in down town Stanley! The street dances are Thursday nights beginning late June through early August.

Hiking & Biking – There are dozens of fantastic trails in the Stanley area, which provide excellent access to hundreds of miles of beautiful scenery. While the views are great from town and the roadways, they get even better with a little bit of effort taking you deeper into the awesome landscapes the area has to offer.

Star Gazing – We are truly blessed with clear, sparkling skies.  Stanley is part of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, which is America’s First Gold-Tier International Dark Sky Reserve.

Camping – there are a variety of established camp grounds in the area along with more “off the grid” or “backwoods” options.

Climbing – There are many climbing options in the Stanley, Idaho area. The Elephant’s Perch, one of Idaho’s most famous climbing walls, as well as several other features and peaks such as the Finger of Fate (near Hell Roaring Lake) and Mount Heyburn (near Redfish Lake), call to climbers from across the state and the world. There are also smaller climbing options and bouldering spots in several areas within the Sawtooths.

Horseback Riding – Horseback Rides are a fun adventure for the whole family. There are local companies with expertise in trail rides and backcountry pack trips.

History/Ghost Towns – The Stanley basin is abundant in history.  The Stanley Museum is a great place to gain historical knowledge. Learn about the mining days by visiting one of the ghost towns – Bonanza, Custer and Sawtooth City.

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