212How can you go wrong with a nice relaxing soak in a natural hot spring, listening to Valley Creek flow by and overlooking one of the most majestic mountain ranges in the World?

We can’t think of anything wrong with that, which is why we offer our guests free access to our enclosed hot springs, on a reservation basis.

The hot springs have been piped into a man-made tub that is large enough to seat several friendly individuals. The tub sits within a small log building that is situated on the banks of Valley Creek, a short walk from the Lodge. Inside the building, you’ll find small changing rooms and a few spots to sit, as well as a large door which can be propped open to allow in the fresh mountain air and unparalleled views.

 Please reserve your time with the front desk upon your arrival.  Like we said, you can’t go wrong by adding this relaxing experience to your Sawtooth Mountain Dream Vacation. We’ll be here waiting for you…