Snowmachines are a fixture in Stanley, Idaho throughout the winter. You can see snowmobiles and snowbikes revving around the snowy hillsides and pathways all over the Stanley Basin each day. And the secret is getting out about the amazing terrain, incredible powder, and bluebird skies we see all winter long. So far, 2017 is off to phenomenal start – showing some of the deepest snowpack we’ve seen in awhile – so come on up and join us for an excellent ride.

Check out our list of the best spots to open up your throttle and tear up some powder near Stanley, Idaho. We’ve done the work for you, so you can just hit the gas and head for the very best locations.

Kelly Creek Loop

Kelly Creek provides great access to lots of backcountry trails! This route offers a fun journey on the back roads of Stanley, where you can venture off trail if you dare. If you are in a time crunch, just do a quick loop – or venture off onto another connecting destination if you have time. There’s plenty of wide open space to explore.

Stanley Lake

Over the river and through the woods! This long, groomed trail leads you to the Stanley Lake Inlet, which is an excellent area for a pit stop. If you’re still feeling adventurous, meander a few more miles up a tree lined, windy road to Elk Mountain Lookout where a clear day will present you with outstanding views of Sawtooth peaks for miles.

Stanley to Redfish Lake

If you’ve made the drive, you know how scenic the trip is from Stanley to Redfish Lake. Well imagine that beauty on the solitude of a 9-Mile groomed trail all the way to the Lake! We suggest exploring all along this pathway and surrounding areas, and making your way to one of the Lake’s beautiful “beach” areas for a quiet, private picnic with a great view.

Stanley to Smiley Creek

Looking for an extended ride that will give you the full Sawtooth experience? Then take a day trip from Smiley Creek to Stanley! This awesome trip provides astounding views of the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains on all sides. If that’s not enough, you can venture into Redfish Lake for some scenic fun along the way, then continue to Stanley for a delicious lunch, some snacks, and/or a bit of fuel at the Mountain Village Resort.

Basin Butte

This fantastic trail is like riding to the “Top of the World”!  But the great views and fun riding can be an interesting and difficult challenge, depending on the snow conditions. If you’re lucky, you can break trail up a narrow and gradual incline to reach the top. IF you can make it up, you’ll be able to climb onto deck of the lookout hut and take in the stunning view of Basin Butte Meadow below.

Banner Summit

The sky (or snow!) is the limit on Banner Summit! This sweet area offers a wide variety of riding terrain. Riders can zoom through rolling hills and experiencing the invigorating rush of whipping through burnt forest against the white powder. Skilled riders can get even more extreme, exploring explore the area’s many backcountry shoots and summits.

Now that you’ve got all the best intel, head on up to Stanley and join us for some epic tracks in the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains. Always tell someone where you’re going and come prepared by packing the proper safety and survival equipment to avoid unnecessary accidents. When you’re done exploring, we’ve got plenty of warm beds, hot meals, and cold drinks for everyone – oh, and lots of gas and supplies too! We’re happy to share our Winter Wonderland with you – and our awesome team will be smiling and ready to serve.