This Week

Friday (6/17) @ 10pm

Andrew Sheppard

Come see one of our favorite performers play his unique blend of outlaw country and folk-style rock. This excellent local artist always puts on a fun and energetic show, so be sure to join us for some great sights and sounds in the Saloon.


Saturday (6/18) @ 11am – 10pm

Stanley Sawtooth Mountain MusicFest: Round 1

Welcome-Back-Summer-Resnexus-1000x767We can’t wait to celebrate Round 1 of MusicFest 2016 with some of the most incredible bands Stanley, Idaho has ever seen. This is an all-day event that will pack an incredible amount of entertainment onto a single stage over several hours. Bands include:

Shane Smith & the Saints is a gritty, high energy group from Texas blending a bit of folk, country, classic Americana, and good ol’ rock and roll

Rust on the Rails is a soulful Seattle band combining folk rock with Americana, blues, and a bit of funk to create complex harmonies, poetic lyrics, and percussive guitar rhythms

John D Hale Band is a rowdy foursome from Jackson, Missouri, mashing up influences from Americana, Southern rock, and a bit of bluegrass for a country sound that is all their own

Two Tons of Steel is an awesome San Antonio-based band that is widely known throughout the music world for developing a rare Americana, Texas country sound

Kenny Saunders & Friends is a great gathering of Boise-based musicians that blends acoustic Americana and Western folk with a flair for fun performance

Matt Skinner Band is a group of 4 friends from the Front Range of Colorado, well known for their skillful fusion of alt-country and roots-rock that results in a high-energy brand of rocking country music

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Kenny Saunders & FriendsSaturday (6/18-6/19) @ 12am (Midnight)

MusicFest After Party w/ Kenny Saunders & Friends

Kenny Saunders will continue sharing his excellent songs and fun stage presence as we celebrate the MusicFest long into the night. This show starts late, so grab your drinks and prepare for a rowdy, good time!


Sunday (6/19) is Father’s Day at Mountain Village

Stop by the Restaurant and Saloon to find excellent deals served all day!


Next Week

Friday (6/24) & Saturday (6/25):

Voice of Reason (Mountain Roots, Rock, Reggae Music)