Join us for a fun week to celebrate Stanley, Idaho’s new designation as America’s Only Dark Sky Reserve

International Dark Sky Week was created in 2003 by a high-school student named Jennifer Barlow. Since that time, the holiday week has grown to become a worldwide sensation, and a major focal point for Global Astronomy Month, which takes place throughout the month of April. Every year International Dark Sky Week is held around International Astronomy Day, combining the gathered attention and pointing everyone’s interests skyward. This year’s Dark Sky Celebrations begin on Sunday, April 15, and run through Saturday, April 21

International Dark Sky Week is intended to draw attention to the many issues associated with light pollution, while promoting simple solutions to mitigate the problem in urban areas, and building exposure for areas on Earth that have sought to prevent further light pollution from impacting their natural beauty.

Stanley, Idaho is the first and only International Dark Sky Reserve in the United States of America, making it an incredibly valuable asset to our country’s natural beauty and elevating Stanley as an example of controlled light pollution for the entire nation. We’re proud of this designation and we’re excited to celebrate International Dark Sky Week with some fun concerts and activities. We hope you’ll join us.

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