The Sawtooth Mountains host some of the most incredible backcountry skiing terrain in the USA – and the area is specifically known for its couloir runs, which offer unique turns through the tightly formed rock shoots. For the best access to the very best, most challenging runs, you’ll need to plan an overnight trip in one of the excellent huts or yurts that serve the area.

Image of Sawtooth Mountain Guides, Williams Peak Hut

Williams Peak Hut (Sawtooth Mountain Guides)

As the name suggests, Williams Peak Hut is perfectly situated on the side of Williams Peak and offers excellent access to the great runs and open bowls that surround Thompson and Williams Peaks – some of the Sawtooth Mountains’ largest peaks. You’ll find great powder, excellent vertical, and superb views for miles (if you choose the right day!).


Fishhook Yurt (Sun Valley Trekking)

The Fishhook Yurt is a bit less challenging to access than the Williams Peak Hut. It is situated in Fishhook Creek Meadow, at the scenic base of Thompson and WIlliams Peaks. This unique Yurt provides a comfortable setting for exploring the lower valley before climbing to the peaks above for some absolutely long and stellar ski runs.


Nighttime at Bench Hut, Sun Valley Trekking

Bench Hut (Sun Valley Trekking)

Many visitors to the Sawtooths are familiar with the hike to the Bench Lakes, but this Hut takes the adventure to another level. Perched in the trees near the group of Bench Lakes, this awesome hut provides excellent access to iconic Mount Heyburn and other surrounding peaks – which deliver outstanding views of Redfish Lake and the deeper Sawtooth range along with some challenging and fun runs.

Regardless of which Hut or Yurt you choose to explore from, you’re sure to have an absolutely thrilling and extremely memorable Sawtooth experience – so we hope you’ll plan a trip up to join us for some powder shots. Just remember to always prepare for frigid temperatures, avalanche conditions, and other emergency scenarios to ensure that you’re ready in case a problem arises. We want to see you come back as often as possible!

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