There are dozens of fantastic trails in the Stanley, Idaho area, which provide excellent access to hundreds of miles of beautiful scenery. While the views are great from town and the roadways, they get even better with a little bit of effort taking you deeper into the awesome landscapes the area has to offer. Many of the trails can be accessed by a variety of modes (like Bikes, Horses, Motorcycles, ATVs, etc.), while many others are accessible only on foot or on horseback.

Be sure you know the rules and regulations of the area you’re exploring before you leave. And always respect the power of nature by leaving the trailhead with preparations to handle any situation, including emergencies, and informing someone of where you’re going and when to expect you to return.

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) is home to several mountain ranges and areas. Below we have divided the areas near Stanley, Idaho into two sections: The Sawtooths & The White Clouds. The Sawtooths lie on the Western side of Hwy 75, while the White Clouds lie Below you’ll find a listing of the trailheads in these areas, as well as a listing of several trail options which leave from each trailhead. Please let us know if there is a trail you would like to see listed or if you have questions about a listed trail.

More detail is on the way.


Stanley Lake Trailhead Area
– Lady Face & Bridalveil Falls
– Hanson Lakes
– Alpine Way Trail

Iron Creek Trailhead Area
– Alpine Lake & Sawtooth Lake
– Goat Falls & Goat Lake
– Alpine Way Trail

Redfish Lake Trailhead Area
– Fishhook Creek
– Bench Lakes
– Marshall Ridge & Lake / Alpine Way Trail

Redfish Lake Inlet Trailhead Area
– Bench Lakes
– Saddleback Lakes (“Shangri-La”)
– Flatrock Junction
– Alpine Lake
– Cramer Lakes
– Baron Divide & Baron Lakes

Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead* Area
* There are two Hell Roaring Trailheads, an upper & lower. The lower trailhead begins near the Salmon River. The upper trailhead shaves approx. 2-3 miles of hiking off your trip, however, it is accessed by a rough 4WD road which is recommended only to vehicles with high clearance & good off road capabilities.
– Hell Roaring Lake
– Imogene Lake
– Imogene Divide

Tin Cup Trailhead Area (Petit Lake Area)
– Alice Lake*
– Twin Lakes*
– Snowyside Pass*
– Toxaway Lake*
– Farley Lake*
– Edith Lake
– McDonald Lake
– Yellowbelly Lake
* All of these spots can be accessed along the famous Alice-Toxaway Loop (aka Tin Cup Loop).

Cabin Lakes Trailhead Area (Alturas Lake Area)
– Cabin Lakes

Alpine Creek Trailhead Area (Alturas Lake Area)
– Alturas Lake Creek
– Jakes Gulch
– Eureka Gulch
– Mattingly Creek
– Leggitt Creek

– Baron Creek, Baron Falls, & Baron Lakes
– Elk Lake (South Fork of the Payette River)
– North Fork of the Boise River
– Trail Creek Lakes
– Trailer Lakes


Germania Creek Trailhead Area
– Champion Lakes
– Washington Basin
– Washington Basin Lake
– Three Cabins Creek
– Horton Peak

Fourth of July Creek Trailhead Area
– Fourth of July Lake & Washington Lake
– Champion Creek
– Heart Lake & Six Lakes
– Phyllis Lake
– Lightning Lake
– Strawberry Basin
– Born Lakes

Obsidian Area
– Williams Creek*
* Connects to Fisher Creek Rd. to create the famous Fisher-Williams Mountain Biking Loop.

Boundary Creek Trailhead Area
– Boundary Creek
– Casino Lakes

Casino Creek Trailhead Area
– Little Casino Creek
– Big Casino Creek
– Casino Lakes

Rough Creek Trailhead Area
– Rough & Garland Lakes
– Lookout Mountain

Sunbeam Area
– Warm Springs Creek

Slate Creek Area
– Hoodoo Lake
– Crater Lake

Clayton Area
– Sullivan Lake

East Fork of the Salmon River Area
– Jimmy Smith Lake
– Railroad Ridge
– Walker Lake
– Big Boulder Lakes
– Boulder Chain Lakes
– Frog Lake
– Sheep Lake
– Island Lake & Goat Lake