Mountain Village Resort is a family of properties in Stanley, Idaho, USA. We proudly serve guests visiting the Heart of the Sawtooth Mountains from all over the world, and we aim to provide them with the very best possible Idaho mountain experience all year round.

We have built a family of employees from all corners of the globe. All have come to Stanley for one reason: the amazing opportunities this beautiful place provides! Whether your interests are being active in the mountains or simply relaxing as you take in their majesty, once you’ve visited our little slice of heaven, it will stay with you forever.

Mountain Village began as a few different businesses (Hotel, Mercantile, Service Station) until Bill Harrah – famous for his casino developments in Reno, Las Vegas, and beyond – began purchasing property in Stanley with the intention of preserving its “Wild West” spirit. He eventually amassed a large share of the property within the town, and enjoyed Stanley as somewhat of a private retreat until his death in 1978. Following his death, the properties went through several periods of swapped control and confused management, as the Mountain Village sought to support itself and the community of Stanley.

Unfortunately, the resort never seemed to find itself under this management structure, so the Mountain Village was offered for sale and the Town of Stanley – as well as thousands of tourists and nature-lovers – held their breath. 

Happily, in 2014, the Mountain Village was purchased by Russell and Mandy Clark. They immediately went into action, developing improvements to the Service Station, Restaurant, Stanley Club Saloon, Mercantile, and more. Their impact was quickly noticed, drawing the attention and affection of locals and visitors alike, and the resort will never be the same.

We’re constantly working to improve and we welcome your feedback and support.  We have successfully remodeled our Nip ‘n Tuck suite along with two kitchenettes.  Four standard room remodels are currently underway.  Drastic decor changes have been made to the restaurant and saloon.  The gas station has a new look from previous years and if you peek in the back, the service station is functional and open!

Our goal is to make things simple so you have everything you need to make the best possible memories on your next visit to Stanley. We can’t wait to see you here!